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Google Groups: Changing Google Group Email Format to Digest
Posted by Josh Eby, Last modified by Josh Eby on March 04 2013 01:05 PM


I would like to get a daily digest of the emails set to a specific Google Group and not an individual email for every message someone sends.


You can change your email preferences for each Google Group you are a member of.  Please note, that you can only do this for groups that are part of the same domain as your email.  For example,  if your email address ends in you can only make these changes for groups.


(NOTE: If this appears as just a bar, click the full screen button at the right side when you mouseover.)

1.   Access Google Groups
2.   Go to My Groups
3.   Select Group
4.   Click "Membership and email settings" at the top of the posts list
5.   Click dropdown that says "Send me an email for every new message" and select your preference.
6.   Click Save.

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