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How to install printers at the ISD or Pathfinders
Posted by Jeremy Kendrick, Last modified by Jeremy Kendrick on April 08 2016 10:49 AM
How to install printers
Updated to include new print server (SJI-Print1) and new naming scheme.
See attached video file below for instructions or continue reading
the instructions if you prefer.
Highlight and copy the following line into the computer's memory
(Press the CTRL+C keys or right-click and choose Copy).
Click on the windows ORB (where the start button was on XP)
and paste what you copied in the previous step into the "Search"
box by left-clicking in the "Search" box and then pasting (Press
the CTRL+V keys or right-click and choose Paste).
Old way (\\isd-print1):
Find the printer you want - the printers shown are shown as
ISD-AD-ptr1 for the printer in the ISD admin building room 1 or
ISD-PF-PTR3 for the printer in room 3 at Pathfinders.  If your
printer is in pathfinder's room 4 then choose the ISD-PF-PTR4.
The naming scheme is the District (ISD) - Building (AD or PF) -
PTR Room Name or Number (Conference, 1,2,3, etc.)  (These
printers are just used as examples, substitute the Building ID
and printer namelisted here for the printer you aretrying to install.)
New Way (sji-print1):
Find the printer you want - the printers shown are named as
SJI-AD-052-P01 or SJI-PC-002-P01.  The first part is the naming
scheme for the ISD and buildings that the ISD uses.  The second
part is an abbreviation for the actual buildings.  The third part is
the room number or abbreviated name.  The forth part is P01 or
P02 for black and white copier/printers and CP1 or CP2 for
color copier/printers. 
Double-click on that printer/copier and it will automatically install 
the drivers for you. 
Once the printers are installed, you can go the Windows ORB again,
click on Devices and Printers in the right hand column.
When the window opens up with the printers that you have installed,
you can make this printer a default printer by right-clicking on it and
choose "Set as Default" from the menu that shows up.
For those of you that travel to other districts, some, if not all districts
do have security set on their printers to only allow their staff and
students to print to their printers or to only allow certain staff/students
to print to certain printers.  Please put a ticket in if you receive error
messages saying that you are not allowed to print to a printer in a district.

 how-to-installprinters.mp4 (4.19 MB)

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