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HOW TO INSTALL PRINTERS _Updated to include new print server (SJI-Print1) and new naming scheme._ _See attached video file below for instructions or continue reading_ _the instructions if you prefer._ Highlight and copy the following line into the c...
Good Afternoon, Attached is a guide on how to setup a Speed Dial on the 3com phone system. I was asked to make this for Three Rivers Community Schools. Thank you.
Per: Tonya Brundige Problem: In PowerTeacher Gradebook, when a teacher attempts to email parents it appears to have been sent but parents never receive them. Solution: Restart Tomcat Services [Reportworks]
Sometimes, while you're away, I need to login to your computer to perform updates or take a look at a problem you told me about. When that happens, you'll need to use the switch user button to log back in to the computer as yourself. If you haven't used t...